How Long Does It Typically Take To Get Divorced In Missouri?

Divorce, oh the dreaded process that can consume your time and sanity. It’s no secret that divorce isn’t a walk in the park, and understanding how long it will take can be like grasping at straws. Fear not, for we shall unravel the mysteries and shed light on the factors that influence divorce timelines in the state of Missouri.

The Crucial Residency Requirement

Picture this: you’ve decided to take the plunge and end your marriage in the great state of Missouri. Well, hold your horses! Before you even think about filing for divorce, at least one spouse must have established residency within the state for a minimum of 90 days. Yes, I know, an extra hurdle to leap over, but rules are rules.

Unleashing the Battle: Uncontested vs. Contested

The next determining factor that can leave a lasting impact on your divorce timeline in Missouri is whether it falls under the category of uncontested or contested.

The Harmony of Uncontested Divorce

In an ideal world, where rainbows and unicorns roam free, there exists something called an uncontested divorce. Here, both spouses come together in harmony, agreeing on every single aspect of their divorce. Property division? Check. Child custody? Check. Parenting time? Check. When spouses are on the same page, an uncontested divorce can often be resolved much more swiftly than its counterpart.

The Drama of Contested Divorce

Ah, the dreaded contested divorce, where the clouds darken and lightning crackles ominously. This type of divorce surfaces when the spouses cannot see eye to eye on several aspects. Child custody, alimony, property division – pick your poison. In a contested divorce, prepare for an arduous journey with negotiations and numerous court appearances. Brace yourself, as this rocky road may prolong the finalization of your divorce compared to the speedier resolution of an uncontested one.

The Waiting Game: Mandatory Waiting Period

Just when you thought you had endured enough, Missouri throws another curveball your way. After filing the divorce petition and serving it to your soon-to-be ex-spouse, there is a mandatory 30-day waiting period. This break allows both parties to reflect on their choices, potentially finding common ground and reaching an agreement. However, if your divorce happens to be a fierce battle with trials and tribulations, this waiting period can stretch out into what feels like an eternity.

Dancing to the Court’s Tune: The Impact of Court Scheduling

Imagine a grand dance where the court takes the lead, gliding across the ballroom and determining the tempo of your divorce proceedings. Court scheduling plays a significant role in the duration of your divorce in Missouri. Availability of courtrooms and judges, as well as the scheduling of other cases, can sway the timeline either in your favor or against it.

The Verdict

In conclusion, the length of time needed to achieve divorce in Missouri can truly tip-toe along a wide spectrum due to a plethora of factors. An uncontested divorce, where both parties find common ground, often leads to a quicker resolution. Nevertheless, let us not forget the influence of the residency requirement, mandatory waiting period, and the melodic movements of court scheduling. It is of utmost importance to team up with a seasoned divorce attorney who can skillfully guide you through this intricate process, ensuring minimal obstacles along the way. Stay strong, for this storm shall pass.

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